daniel ct johnston

    passionate apple user – using mac for over 25 years. the path to being an apple-pro went through crafts, social work and project management and along the way using apple products was somehow inevitable. has fun solving problems that can not be solved and loves to learn something new every day… certified as a support professional by apple (ACSP), but rather works without restrictions for all mactrix customers.

    takes care of support, repair and consulting.

    gunda johnston

    finally happy to use apple products due to a happy relationship (but was easy to convince). uses her knowledge and experience from 20 years of marketing and sales activities.

    takes care of back office and marketing.


    got problems with your mouse?

    our office cat can take care of that…


    • licence to chill

      spending too much on the computer? do you have a lot of pain or just want to relax? then this is the right address! shiatsu at it’s best … try it! feel good!

    • reanimated bikes

      great project where old bicycles are “reanimated”! also the new bike called “NEUBAU” is a great bike! we use these bicycles on a daily basis and are more than happy!

    • yoga.wunder.welt

      interested in yoga? then this page is a must: get a taste of it and feel enchanted!

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