• one hour of mactrix support costs 108,- € (90,- € net).
    • if the support takes place at your office or home within vienna an additional 54,- € (45,- € net) will be charged.
      outside of vienna, travel costs will be charged according to expenses.
    • for support at our office there is no minimum booking.
      for support at your location, the minimum booking is one hour.
    • outside our business hours (evenings, holidays or weekends) we reserve the right to charge a surcharge of up to 50%.


    • we will prepare an estimate for repairs in advance – this is of course free of charge.


    • for rental computers mactrix charges an over all rate of 72,- € (60,- € net) which includes a three days rental period.
    • for additional days mactrix charges a daily rate of 12,- € (10,- € net).
    • should you need a loaner during a repair, we will also take care of the data transfer from your (defective) device to the rental device and charge a flat rate depending on the effort. we try to ensure a seamless work flow for you and – after the repair – dubb your current data from the loaner back to your mac!
    • the dubbing of data or the swapping of a hard disk is charged according to actual effort.
    • we will gladly prepare a binding quote for you in advance.


    • payments can conveniently be made via invoice, which we will send you after completion of our service.
    • for regular customers and larger projects, monthly invoicing is also possible.
    • mactrix reserves the right to charge cancellation fees of one hour if an agreed support appointment is canceled by the customer at short notice (within 24 hours).

    faq – frequently asked questions

    a few questions that are asked again and again:

    we only offer support via the telephone for our regular customers. however, it is not difficult to become a regular customer: after our first appointment and the first bill, you already belong to this illustrious circle. try it!

    we generally offer our support only for apple devices with OSX or iOS. only exception: when it comes to a windows solution on an apple device (eg with parallels or bootcamp).

    no, unfortunately not. we specialize in repairs on apple laptops (macbook, macbook pro, macbook air) and apple desktop machines (imac & mac pro). if you have a broken iOS device, we will be happy to advise you on any possible backup options.

    no, unfortunately not. we do not trade with apple devices – this frees us up and allows us to better advise our customers. often older devices are still running well and may only need some “love” or an update, or a new (faster) hard drive. should a device arrive at the end of its lifespan, we will gladly assist you with a useful purchase consultation.

    in the case of a system udpate, one must always take care to ensure that the computer is also designed for it. sometimes a computer works much slower after the update; or that in older devices, the latest software (programs, operating system) no longer fits the old hardware (processor, memory, etc.). but that doesn’t mean that the solution is always a new computer. in many cases it is enough to upgrade the memory or switch to a solid state disk (SSD). here mactrix also gladly helps with swapping disks and dubbing of the data. ask us, we will advise you!

    that there are no viruses on apple devices is a repeatedly cited argument for their use. but this is (unfortunately) only partially true. of course, there are viruses that can cause damage to apple computers – even if that happens quite rarely. with caution, you’re already on the safe side – but if you want to make sure and take caution, you can use an anti-virus program such as the freeware avast.

    there are two kind of users: the so-called “early adopters” who instantly install each new update – and the latecomers who wait a bit. one must also distinguish what an update it is, so for example security updates should always be made.

    if a computer works well, there’s basically no reason to update to a newer operating system. here we recommend to wait and see what other users experience after that update and if it brings difficulties or bugs. it always has to be considered whether third-party software is used – these applications do not always offer the necessary drivers or updates for a new operating system so you might end up stranded with a non working software after an update.

    mackeeper is a software that pretends to make your computer faster or to keep it “clean”. we strongly advise not to install or use this app. the benefits are more than controversial and there are easier ways to improve the performance of the computer. if you would like to know what is going on with mackeeper or other programs of this kind and how to uninstall them, please contact us – we are happy to help!

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