(General Data Protection Regulation)

    or course mactrix strives to protect your data! just as all companies now claim …

    the GDPR (general data protection regulation) has brought a lot of movement into many companies – also many of our customers had to put a lot of effort into implementing the required changes.

    what mactrix does (not) store:

    • this website does not use cookies and thus saves no files on your computer or in your browser …
    • we also do not use google analytics (as we are almost exclusively recommended by satisfied customers) … so we do not store IP addresses or other user behavior of visitors to this site …
    • what we store is for example our customer’s name, address, email address and telephone number – especially in order to keep in touch or to process our bookkeeping properly.
    • of course we do not give any of this data to third parties.
    • we are happy to provide our customers with information about which data we have stored and delete it on request:
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